Vermont Dental ​Conference

Program 9  "Smile Design, Bonding and Esthetic Materials Update"

Dr. Gerard Chiche     3 CEUs/Clinical
Audience Code: D, H, A
Sponsored in part by Kuraray Noritake Dental & 3M Oral Care
This program is repeated in the afternoon. 

This program will present key points formulated into a systematic step-by-step approach to resolve esthetic problems with predictable results and improved laboratory support. It also covers critical technique details to achieve optimum results with all-ceramic crowns and porcelain veneers along with ceramic system selection, cement and adhesive selection, and bonding sequence.
Esthetic Treatment Techniques: Manage key esthetic factors and apply a simple esthetic system for predictable esthetic treatment and gingival management.
All-Ceramic Materials Selection and Esthetic Treatment Technique Details: Establish a step-by-step strategy for optimum ceramic materials application and predictability (Translucent Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate or Full-Strength Zirconia). It offers detailed clinic techniques, comparison of all-ceramic options, decision-making and practical management of contemporary cements and adhesives. Porcelain veneer strategies for conservative or ultra-conservative treatment, preparation design options, cement selection will also be covered.

Program Objectives:

  • Manage the key esthetic determinants essential to developing a successful esthetic outcome for esthetic and implant treatment
  • Know the clinical key factors for optimum management of all-ceramic restorations
  • Select the appropriate ceramic system (lithium disilicate, translucent zirconia or full strength zirconia) based on the esthetics and functional needs of the case for esthetic treatment
  • Select the cementation/bonding materials and protocol for all ceramic crowns and for porcelain veneers