Vermont Dental ​Conference

Program #9 Treating Patients with Special Needs

Jacob Dent, DDS
Audience Code: D, H, A, O          3 CEUs/Clinical Lecture

This course will educate providers and their auxiliary team on the seven most common special needs they will encounter in their office.  The instructor will review each in detail and how it relates to oral and systemic health.  Attendees will learn treatment options, behavior modification techniques, and office level plans to incorporate treating special needs patients in their offices on a daily basis in a simple and practical approach.  

­­Learning Outcomes:

  • Define various forms of special needs and their common characteristics
  • Understand associated behaviors and dental concerns of each covered disability
  • Determine the best treatment options for each special needs patient, based on individual disability and level
  • Establish office-level plans for patients with special needs to incorporate into your practice
  • Provide tools and treatment options that will allow patients and the patients' parents or caregivers to have a good dental experience and a successful long-term dental care plan