Vermont Dental ​Conference

Program #9 Lesions and Lifestyles- Is it HPV?  Oral Pathology Review and Update for Dental Teams

Nancy Dewhirst, RDH, BS
Audience Code: D, H          3 CEUs/Clinical Lecture

Lesions and lumps tell stories! This is a review of selected types of oral and pharyngeal lesions, today’s most important trends, and emphasizing infectious and neoplastic pathology related to HPV. It will review oral pathology risk assessment and how to document oral conditions and risk for every patient, using effective diagnostic techniques and technology. You will learn to calibrate your team and educate patients to avoid disease and identify dangerous lesions early to save lives. The presentation will suggest differential diagnosis using case studies.

­­Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify and assess clinical and reported variations from normal, considering HPV pathology, and create a differential diagnosis
  • Assess risk for oral cancer using standardized tools
  • Identify, evaluate and compare oral soft tissue masses, ulcerations & papillary lesions and the possible role of HPV infection
  • Review and practice precise descriptive terms and methods of recording and criteria for referring clinical lesions
  • Describe and communicate causes, prevention, and treatment of HPV-related pathology to colleagues and patients
  • Understand risky behaviors, vaccination prevention, and the progression from infection to cancer