Vermont Dental Conference

Program #11 From Boomer to Millennials: Overcoming Generational Differences in the Workplace

Mary Govoni, CDA, RDH, MBA   Silver Educational Sponsor: HuFriedy Group  
Audience Code: D, H, A, O         3 CEUs/Clinical Lecture  

Never before have we lived in a time when there were so many different generations in the workplace at the same time. From Baby Boomers to Millennials, each generation has distinct expectations and characteristics that influence their communication, values and work ethics. Whether it is members of the dental team or patients, understanding these characteristics affects whether we are successful – or not – in our interactions. Discover the greatest influences of each generation which affect their attitudes.

In this dynamic, humorous program, attendees discover these characteristics, along with practical and actionable strategies to enhance communication and workplace effectiveness. Explore how generations view their work environment and career goals differently and what motivates them. Learn how to customize patient communication, including marketing strategies and treatment plans based on generational preferences. Utilize these approaches to leverage generational diversity into seamless interactions with every team member and patient.


  • Identify and differentiate commonalities and differences between the five generations
  • Define key motivators and stressors for each generation group
  • Explore preferred work characteristics: culture, work ethic, work/life balance
  • Identify fundamental communication preferences and styles
  • Describe and utilize specific communication skills that are most effective with each generational group