Vermont Dental Conference

Program #8 The Oral Cavity Under Acid Attack….Identifying, Understanding and Treating Caries, Erosion, and Other Acid Related Diseases

Marc Geissberger, DDS, MA, CPT       Platinum Educational Sponsor: 3M;   Gold: VOCO;  Silver:  Ultradent, and Kettenbach
Audience Code: D, H, A            3 CEUs/Clinical Lecture

As a dentist, personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, Dr. Geissberger brings a unique perspective to the subjects of caries, diet, and the oral environment. Through this enlightening program, Dr. Geissberger will discuss various disease conditions that plague the entire dental population and identify several at-risk populations. The importance of oral PH will be discussed and strategies for altering an unfavorable oral environment will be outlined. Additionally, the dental team will learn progressive strategies to help their patients achieve oral balance and curb their disease processes.


  • Understand the difference between a balanced oral environment and one that is susceptible to disease
  • Develop strategies which can be implemented in practice to help patients achieve oral balance
  • Develop a program for caries eradication that can be easily implemented into private practice
  • Develop strategies to begin to discuss the oral implications of poor eating strategies and provide some tips
  • Learn which materials should be used and how to properly restore dentitions plagued with the effects of erosion, abrasion, GERD, and bulimia