Program 13  Conquering Conflict on the Dental Team​- Ending the War between the "Front and the Back"

Mary Govoni, CDA, RDH, MBA       2 CEUs/Clinical 
Audience Code: D, H, A, O           Reference:  CONFLICT

Have you ever heard members of your team say things like "if only the back office understood that our job is much more than just answering the phone"? Or "we wish the front office appreciated how hard we work back here"? Do you frequently hear the team members say: "it's not my job!"? These are common signs of unresolved conflicts can negatively impact team morale, patient satisfaction, productivity, profitability and the overall success of the practice.

In this course participants will learn to recognize potential areas of conflict, what causes it, and how to implement a system for conflict resolution based on shared responsibilities and accountability. Participants will also learn the importance of developing and following consistent protocols for enhancing the patient care experience and creating a team environment with less tension and stress.

Program Objectives:
  • Define conflict in the context of the workplace
  • Learn techniques for conflict resolution
  • Identify common causes of miscommunication and conflict between the clinical and business teams in dental practices
  • Implement strategies for creating a seamless treatment experience for patients