About Us 

As the state’s professional association for dentists, the VSDS works diligently to enhance the oral health care environment in Vermont. We are here to serve our members, Vermonters, and our partners in oral health care, through advocacy, a variety of resources, and fostering collaboration. Vermont has been recognized as a leader in oral health care, and as a leader in overall health- and VSDS knows just how strong the ties are between oral health and overall health. 

The VSDS is the voice of dentistry in the state of Vermont, and speaks out on issues at the legislative, policy, regulatory and public level. The society provides member and public resources, quality continuing education for its members, as well as an in house recruiting service. 

The Vermont State Dental Society (VSDS) is the state’s professional association for dentists. With just under four hundred members, the Society represents more than 80 percent of the practicing dentists in the state. The VSDS is proud to be governed by an Executive Board, driven by a founding set of bylaws, and guided by its mission statement and strategic plan.

Mission Statement and Vision Statement

Mission Statement:
     The Vermont State Dental Society serves the dental profession and advocates for public policies and systems to improve the oral health of Vermonters.

Vision Statement:
     The Vermont State Dental Society's vision is for a state where citizens are activated in oral health prevention behaviors and have access to continuity of dental care, resulting in excellent oral health for life.