Vermont Dental ​Conference

Program #6 The Magic of Air for Managing Dysbiotic Biofilms Around Implants and Teeth 

Karen Davis, RDH, BSDH
Audience Code: D, H          3 CEUs/Clinical Lecture  

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is terminology describing a strategic plan for upsetting the underworld of biofilms in the oral cavity.  This novel approach to biofilm removal incorporates the magic of air, powder, and water to irradicate dysbiotic biofilms clinging to teeth and implants.  With Guided Biofilm Therapy the patient and clinician benefit from an easy, gentle, and effective method of biofilm removal from implants, exposed root surfaces, delicate restorative materials, and difficult to access periodontal pockets. This course explores compelling science, and benefits surrounding the magic of GBT for preventing and treating biofilm infections in the oral cavity. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Appraise evidence surrounding pathogenic biofilms as a direct and indirect promoter of chronic diseases
  • Distinguish clinical benefits Guided Biofilm Therapy provides to irradicate pathogenic biofilms
  • Identify shifts in paradigms and protocols necessary to provide Guided Biofilm Therapy to your patients