Vermont Dental ​Conference

Program 6  ​Microbiology Re-Imagined in Oral Health

Professor John Thomas     2 CEUs/Clinical   
Audience Code: D, H      Reference: MICROBIOLOGY

Professor Thomas is “Back by Popular Demand” with an enhanced theme from his past presentation “We Live in a Microbial World”.  This time he will present “Microbiology Re-Imagined”, ( linking the two via the remarkable, recent information provided while unmasking the contribution of our microbiota as ‘Dual Citizens’ to our health and disease. The focus will magnify the central theme of oral microbiota as a potential signature and modulator of disease, possibly aging and dementia, while acting as a reservoir of distal tumors, particularly CRC, triggering a destructive inflammatory cascade or immune senescence, “Ying/Yang”. The overall framework will remember the similarities of West Virginia and Vermont, the population dynamics and socio-medical difficulties in management. 

Program Objectives:

  • Recognize a new Microbial vocabulary while providing significant take home messages: Critical Thinking
  • Recognize the contribution of the Migrating oral microbiota to distal sites and potential in rectal cancers: Ying/Yang  
  • Recognize emerging strategies to harness the genetic strength of beneficial biofilms to oral health via probiotics: Herbal Microbes  
  • Recognize the significance of oral fungi as microbial architects: Universal Co Aggregates