Vermont Dental ​Conference

Program 6  Practicing in a Changing World

Jo-Anne Jones, RDH     Sponsored By: Orascoptic & VELscope
 Audience Code: D, H, A, O     2.5 CEUs/Clinical

The evolution of clinical practice has elevated us into practicing in one of the most challenging and gratifying periods of time to date. The world we once knew has changed. The 2020/21 pandemic, the lifestyle behaviors, and the cultural trends that are placing the oral health of Americans at risk all present an opportunity to educate and empower our dental hygiene patients to work towards optimal oral health.

E-cigarette use and vaping among youth is now escalating public health issue. The obsession of escalating sugar in daily diets, the combination of alcohol and energy drinks, the growing incidence of HPV-associated oral and oropharyngeal cancers and DIY (do-it-yourself) dentistry are just a few if the trends that are impacting the health of today’s patient. Oil pulling, charcoal whitening, collagen supplements and other current trends will be reviewed separating myth from evidence-based science.

We need to be vigilant in our assessment of risk to better enable us to manage disease and more importantly, prevent disease. The incorporation of risk assessment and evidence based clinical guidelines into today’s dental practice is both exciting and rewarding replacing routine dental care with patient centered risk management and disease prevention. Attendees will be provided with a listing of educational materials and clinical resources for their practice.

.Program Objectives:

  • Explore trends in lifestyle that are having an adverse effect on health and wellbeing of today’s dental patient
  • Understanding the ‘vape’ debate and what the dental professional needs to know
  • Immediately apply a developed risk assessment program directed by the most current clinical guidelines for treatment and disease management
  • Incorporate effective chairside and self-care treatment protocols to proactively address the impact of current societal trends
  • Equip the dental patient with educational materials promoting oral health and healthy behaviors