VSDS Recruiting Services

Vermont abounds with opportunities to practice dentistry. Whether you are thinking about practicing in Vermont after dental school/residency, or have always wanted to live in a place like Vermont, we are here to help you make that happen. Let our recruitment team assist you in connecting to practice opportunities from working as an associate – to buying a practice.

If you are a practicing dentist in Vermont, seeking an associate or planning a transition, reach out to us and allow us to help you connect to prospective associates and potential buyers.

We are here to help – practice IS perfect in Vermont – let us help you make it happen! Contact Jenny Pitz at the VSDS- give her a call at (802) 864-0115 or drop her a line!

Dental Careers In Vermont

Are you, or someone you know looking for a career path that has a great growth forecast? Maybe something that allows you to use your love of science and people to improve the life of your fellow Vermonters, while earning a great living?

The Dental Community in Vermont is ready for you to join us. Read all about the current Career positions in dentistry, whether you are looking at becoming a Dentist, a Dental Hygienist, or a Dental Assistant, our workforce brochure can serve as a starting point to explore these well-paying, portable positions. Please read through it and let us help get you started. Any questions, or if you are looking for a placement, please contact our in-house Recruitment manager, Jenny Pitz at jenny.pitz@vsds.org.

Dental Careers in Vermont. We've got a chair for you!