Vermont Dental Conference

Program 4  ​"The Escalating Problem of Pediatric Substance Abuse: What Every Dental Professional Needs to Know"

Dr. Ann Spolarich, RDH, PhD, FSCDH     Sponsored in Part by: Colgate   
Audience Code: D, H, A       2 CEUs/Clinical        Reference: SUBSTANCES

The purpose of this course is to discuss the impact of substance abuse on oral and general health, and to assess the risks associated with providing dental treatment to pediatric patients who have a current history of substance abuse. Topics include CNS depressants, including alcohol; stimulants including caffeine and amphetamines: marijuana, and predatory drugs. Trends in drug use for children will be presented in detail. Risk assessment strategies, including physical assessment and risk behavior identification, will be described.

Program Objectives:

  • Identify substances that are commonly abused by children and adolescents
  • Discuss normal physiologic considerations among children and the impact on drug pharmacokinetics
  • Identify factors that contribute to recreational drug use in children
  • Discuss cardiovascular considerations for treating children who abuse inhalants
  • Identify consequences of IV drug abuse
  • Discuss dental considerations associated with amphetamine use
  • Identify drugs that are used for predatory behavior