Vermont Dental​ Conference

Program #5  Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office: Why CPR is Not Enough

Larry J. Sangrik, DDS   
Audience Code: D, H, A, O    3 CEUs/Clinical    

Medical Emergencies occurring in the dental office can be stressful and frightening, not only for the patient, but also the entire dental team. This program is designed for dentists and staff to develop strategies to prevent, identify and respond to medical problems including syncope, allergic problems, cardiovascular abnormalities, diabetes, and respiratory distress. Emphasis will be placed on preparing the dental team in advance of a crisis to minimize its potential impact. Although dentists or staff will benefit from attending individually, the greatest gain is achieved when the entire dental team attends together. By doing so, dental teams can develop a coordinated response to a patient's problem. An extensive handout is provided which can later be condensed into a chair-side manual with appropriate protocols to respond to most emergencies.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand the six areas in which dental offices need to be prepared to manage a medical event
  • Appreciate the need for supplemental oxygen for both breathing and non-breathing patients
  • Learn to assign duties to all members of the dental team
  • Practice identifying and responding to a variety of complex medical conditions a dental office may likely encounter
*This program meets the dental emergencies training criteria credit requirement for VT license renewal.