Vermont Dental ​Conference

Program 10  ​"Function, Parafunction & What the Function; Forces that Threaten Our Success"

 Dr. Michael Melkers, MAGD, FCOI     2 CEUs/Clinical 
Audience Code: D, H, A          Reference: SUCCESS

Failure visits our practices in many forms and on many materials. In this program, we will explore the forces that threaten our success and what options we have to address them.
Occlusion, It can be one of the driest & most confusing of subjects. It is however one of the most, if not THE most critical aspect of diagnosis and treatment planning when it comes to the longevity of the restorative dentistry that we provide for our patients.
During this interactive lecture, Dr. Melkers will guide an exploration and discussion of where we have been as a profession, where we are in our understanding and what mysteries still need to be solved.

 Program Objectives:

  • Learn to recognize critical parafunctional red flags and why they matter
  • Appreciate the balance between function, parafunction & aesthetics
  • Learn realistic management of destructive forces in restorative dentistry