Vermont Dental Conference

Program #3 The Oral-Systemic Link Message: Our Patients Have Never Been More Ready!

Jo-Anne Jones, RDH   Silver Educational Sponsor: Philips Oral Healthcare    
Audience Code: H, A, O     3 CEUs/Clinical Lecture 

Never in the history of our professional careers has there been a more powerful time to effectively communicate the oral systemic message. The public is very aware of the importance of keeping healthy while living in a viral world. The quest for optimal health supported by the attainment of oral health and reduction of chronic inflammation is gaining attention and has become the benchmark of healthcare delivery.

We have the ability to change lives through the power of our message and the science of our treatment. If the knowledge shared is put into practice, it will change not only the way we treat periodontal disease but also the outcomes we can expect to receive. The COVID and post-COVID world provides us with many unique opportunities to effectively impact the quality of lives of every patient who is seated in our treatment rooms.

Our time is NOW to put our words into action and recognize our role in reducing inflammation and sustaining overall health for our dental patients.


  • Understand the role of chronic inflammation on initiating disease states
  • Ensure current guidelines and science are reflected in our treatment planning
  • Customize chairside and self-care strategies to effectively minimize inflammation
  • Integrate clinical resources and educational materials to communicate the oral systemic link immediately into practice