Vermont Dental Conference

Program 3  In the Know:  Legal and Compliance Challenges

Anne E. Cramer, Esq. & Shireen T. Hart, Esq.   3 CEUs Non-Clinical  Reference:  Legal
Audience Code: H, A, O

This informative program will keep you “In the Know” about important legal and compliance challenges related to healthcare providers and patients.  This information is vital for the entire dental team including front desk, management and clinical staff.  Don’t miss this opportunity to gain knowledge from two professional experts in a healthcare law practice.  They will explore topics regarding Consent to Treat (adults and minors), Disclosure Issues with Minors, Opioid Regulations, Patient and Practice Management Issues, Record Keeping, Record Retention, HIPAA and more.

 Program Objectives:

  • Know what consent is and when to get it
  • ​Understand when a child can be treated without their parent and when the parent must be present
  • Discuss record retention for adults, children, and deceased
  • Identify responsibilities for identifying and reporting abuse
  • Review HIPAA regulations and reporting requirements