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Vermont Dental Conference

Program 7  How to Keep Your Implants Off the Failure List: The Latest in Prevention and Treatment of Peri-implant Disease

Dr. Tim Donley     3 CEUs/Clinical
Audience Code: D, H, A
Sponsored in part by Colgate


Peri-implant disease is a growing concern.  Key differences between the disease process around dental implants compared to natural teeth make adequate maintenance of dental implants an important part of implant success.  Preventing implant bone loss is possible with a carefully designed approach.  Come learn what to do before and after implant placement to keep your implants healthy and functioning for the long term.

Program Objectives:


  • Fully understand the differences between periodontal and peri-implant diseases
  • Learn the most common causes of early implant failure and how to avoid them
  • Develop an implant exam designed to increase the chances of success
  • Learn the ideal protocol for debriding and maintaining titanium
  • Develop an implant maintenance protocol to insure implant health
  • Learn how to successfully treat peri-implant mucositis