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Vermont Dental Conference

Program 4  ​A Better Perio Debridement Protocol

Dr. Tim Donley     3 CEUs/Clinical
Audience Code: D, H, A
Sponsored in part by Colgate


Every day a significant number of patients walk into dental offices with legitimate periodontal needs.  There are now, more than ever, compelling reasons to address these needs.  Successful periodontal therapy depends on successful debridement. 

 This program presents evidence-based protocols to maximize chances for resolving patients’ periodontal disease.  From mechanical debridement to local antibiotic therapy to laser debridement, the emphasis is on what, when and how.  The program takes a learn it today – use it tomorrow approach.  Attendees leave with a clear understanding and an evidence-based game plan to implement improved periodontal debridement strategies immediately upon returning to the office.  Do more than just clean teeth; change the mindset of your patients!

Program Objectives:

  • Learn the links between periodontal and systemic health and tools to identify priority patients
  • Determine what sites to treat and why we’ve been focusing on the wrong thing
  • Rethink etiology to learn new biofilm-based treatment philosophy
  • Know what the debridement options are for calculus and biofilm
  • Maximize ultrasonic results with new research on inserts, the staged approach, and which machine to buy
  • Learn which local antibiotic therapy to use and when
  • Understand what we know for sure about lasers