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Vermont Dental Conference

Program 11  ​Caries and Offensive Dentistry

Dr. Brian Novy     3 CEUs/Clinical
Audience Code: D, H, A
Sponsored by GC America


Let’s face it, sitting through a lecture about dental caries or caries risk assessment isn’t appealing (in fact it sounds downright boring).  However, the science of clinical cariology is beginning to have an impact on restorative techniques and technology.  Streptococcus mutans have more to fear than a rheostat, now that we are armed with salivary diagnostics and bioactive materials. 

 Program Objectives:

  • Understand how to intervene medically in the caries process
  • Control patient caries risk with focused therapeutics
  • Design restorations to minimize recurrent decay
  • Improve the prognosis of restorative treatment