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2017 Vermont Dental Team​ Annual Meeting

Program 11  To Pull or Not to Pull: Periapical Surgery vs. Implant Surgery

Dr. Daniel Pompa  3 CEUs/Clinical
Sponsored in part by Colgate

What alternative treatment options should be considered when a restorative and/or endodontic failure occurs?  Periapical surgery as an adjunct to endodontic treatment is a proven approach.  With the introduction of new surgical techniques and a systematic method to the diagnosis and treatment of compromised teeth, the clinician should be able to more accurately determine the long-term prognosis for these treatment options.  
Evaluate treatment options with an evidence-based approach when a tooth is ailing or failing.  With a specific 7-step workup, including a correct history, radiographic and clinical evaluation, the decision to perform an apicoectomy will be weighed against further evaluation, a re-treatment option, or extraction and replacement with an implant (immediate or delayed).  As a result, a decision is more accurately made as to whether an implant or a fixed bridge (fixed partial prosthesis), a removable prosthesis (fixed or transitional temporary prosthesis), or other options would be the final treatment plan discussed with the patient.