Handout information will be available for all programs for which materials are provided by the speaker.  Not all speakers provide handouts for their presentations.  All programs that have a handout are indicated below with "HANDOUT", followed by the linked course title.  All programs with "NO HANDOUT" do not have a link.  We recommend downloading and saving electronically, as some handouts are several pages if printing. Please call the Vermont State Dental Society with any questions at (802) 864-0115.

Handouts will not be available until mid-September prior to the event. 

To Find the Vermont Dental Conference Verification Form (in a PDF fillable format) for all sessions CLICK HERE

Tuesday,  September 21, 2021

Wednesday,  September 22, 2021

Thursday,  September 23, 2021

Friday, September 24, 2021

Answer Key Information to Quizzes will be posted after 10/31/21.


  • Program #3-  ANSWER KEY (pending):  Current State of Infection Prevention & Safety Regulations in Dentistry - Mary Govoni
  • Program #4-  NO QUIZ APPLIES No CEUs:  Eaglesoft Tips & Tricks - Summer Wagner  
  • Program #5-  ANSWER KEY (pending):  Management of: Pediatric Anesthesia/Maxillofacial Infections/Dentoalveolar Trauma - Dr. Peter Vellis  
  • Program #6-  ANSWER KEY (pending):  Practicing in a Changed World - Jo-Anne Jones 
  • Program #7-  ANSWER KEY (pending): Hindsight is Always 20/20: Missing the Oral Cancer Diagnosis - Jo-Anne Jones  
  • Program #8-  ANSWER KEY (pending):  Restorative Challenges for the Everyday Practice - Dr. Michael Melkers
  • Program #9-  ANSWER KEY (pending): Contemporary Clinical Periodontology and Oral Implantology - Professor Jon Suzuki, DDS 
  • Program #10-  ANSWER KEY (pending):  How To Eat Candy - Dr. Brian Novy   
  • Program #11-  ANSWER KEY (pending):  Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office - Dr. Peter Vellis 
  • Program #12-  ANSWER KEY (pending):  Why Implants Fail - Professor Jon Suzuki, DDS  
  • Program #13-   ANSWER KEY (pending):  The Plaque Monologues - Dr. Brian Novy