• Program #3-  ANSWER KEY:  What's New With OSHA and Infection Prevention?- Mary Govoni 
  • Program #4ANSWER KEY:  The Escalating Problem of Pediatric Substance Abuse - Ann Spolarich  
  • Program #5ANSWER KEY:  ​Antibiotic Stewardship: What Dental Professionals Need to Know - Ann Spolarich    
  • Program #6ANSWER KEY:  Microbiology Re-Imagined in Oral Health - Professor John Thomas  
  • Program #7ANSWER KEY: Ergonomics: How to Work All Day and Go Home Without Aching All Over - Mary Govoni   
  • Program #8ANSWER KEY:  Immunity 101: What the Dental Team Should Know - Dr. Tieraona Low Dog 
  • Program #9ANSWER KEY: HIPAA Compliance: Are You Confident That Patients and Practice Are Protected? - Mary Govoni
  • Program #10-  ​ANSWER KEY:  Function, Parafunction and What the Function: Forces That Threaten Our Success - Dr. Michael Melkers   
  • Program #11ANSWER KEY:  Nutrition for the Dental Team (in Counseling Patients) - Dr. Tieraona Low Dog
  • Program #12-  ​ANSWER KEY:  Treatment Planning & Application for Everyday Practice - Dr. Michael Melkers  
  • Program #13-   ​ANSWER KEY:  ​Conquering Conflict on the Dental Team - Ending the War Between "Front & Back" - Mary Govoni 


Handout information will be available for all courses for which materials are provided by the speaker.  Not all speakers provide handouts for their presentations.  All programs that have a handout are indicated below with "HANDOUT", followed by the linked course title.  All programs with "NO HANDOUT" do not have a link.  We recommend printing or downloading prior to the event. Please call the Vermont State Dental Society with any questions at (802) 864-0115.

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