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2017 Vermont Dental Team​ Annual Meeting

Program 5  Evidence-Based Ergonomic Strategies for a Healthy Career, While Improving Patient Outcomes 

Dr. Bethany Valachi  3 CEUs/Clinical

Two out of three dental professionals experience work-related pain.  Poor ergonomics in the treatment room can not only affect ​your quality of life and productivity, but also quality of patient care.  This research-based seminar for dentists, specialists, hygienists, and assistants bridges the gap between dental ergonomics and work-related pain so you can work more comfortably and optimize patient care.  Delivered with high energy and humor, Dr. Valachi teaches attendees how posture, patient positioning, movement, equipment selection and adjustment impact their health and quality of patient care.  
Attendees will learn to identify and implement appropriate ergonomic interventions for chronic back, neck, & shoulder pain and differentiate between ergonomic loupes that will preserve their health and non-ergonomic loupes that can cause pain!  Engaging demonstrations help participants learn how to apply powerful evidence-based interventions in the treatment room.